Anti Wandering Products

Easylink UK manufacture and supply anti-wandering detecting alarms for domestic and professional care. When a person wanders aimlessly away from the safety of their home it can be dangerous for the person and creates a worrying trauma for their partner or carer. In professional care when a person wanders it usually commits valuable care staff time and resources. By using Easylink anti- wandering detection products, such as our door egress alarms, photoelectric beam alarms or door alarm radio pager systems, wandering risks are greatly reduced. Our alarm responders are also suitable for deaf carers.

What if we buy a product and it is not suitable?

No problem. We offer a 28-day trial period to allow you to try out the monitor. You may return the equipment back to us for a refund equal to the purchase price (excluding return postage costs). We do not recycle previously used equipment.

Why choose EasylinkUK?

When you buy products from Easylink UK you are buying own brand products, which are manufactured by Easylink or are contract manufactured on our behalf and in our control. We can therefore guarantee quality, performance and resolve technical issues and provide informed support. Click here to view our accreditation and company information

Popular Products

Wristband Door Egress Alarm

The DoorWatcher system uses a wristband, combined with a short-range sensor detector to raise an alarm as the person approaches the monitored door or protected area. Can be linked into a nurse call system, radio pager or telephone auto dialler

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Standard Range Wireless Door Alarm With Pager

Our MPPL-DCKIT provides a simple to install door or window opening alarm. When the door or window is opened a signal is transmitted up to a range of 100M to the alarm pager.

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Long Range Door Alarm With Radio Pager

For an increased transmission range of up to 400M (extendable with a booster) our POC-DCK is an alarm kit that signals a message pager when the door or window is opened. With this kit further transmitters can be added for multiple door and window alarm systems. Transmitted messages can be customised to display location, a person’s name or room number.

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Movement Sensors (PIR) With Pager Alarm

Motion sensors can be used for a variety of applications including; anti-wandering, bed leaving alarm and general security. Our CTM-PIR can be connected to a nurse call system, radio pager transmitter, dispersed alarm transmitter or telephone auto dialler. We also have a range of wireless PIR alarm kits supplied with a pager or table top alarm.

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Wandering away from home – location devices

When a person has wandered away from safety, locating the person quickly is the primary objective. Easylink supply a range of own brand personal trackers, used widely by Local Authorities and proven in aiding emergency services locate a missing person. The MMTB-02 is a GPS personal tracker with integral fall alarm sensor, SOS emergency button and 2-way mobile phone calling. There are no monitoring or subscription charges.

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Long range multi-function door alarm transmitter

The NMDTX is a specialist transmitter, which provides customer selectable options for door alarm, floor pressure mat, bed leaving alarm, chair leaving alarm. The transmitter signals our EM300 and EM400 message pagers. Additionally, the NMDTX can connect to our paging to internet converter hub MP-900, which allows carers or guardians to monitor a person’s activity in their home or room in a residential home. The powerful APP generates Smartphone reports with open and close operation times, which can help predict a wander alert or a potential fall.

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Door alarm with memory prompt

A memory prompting device may deter a person from wandering away from home. The Easylink CTM-3 is a wireless door alarm transmitter with a recordable voice prompt message, triggered when the door opens. “Please don’t go outside come back in and shut the door”. A transmission is also sent to the carer pager.

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For further advice and system suggestions call our tech team on 01536 264 869