• DWSYS2 DoorWatcher (2023 Model) Door Egress Wristband Detection Monitor Strip with Patient Wrist Band System

DWSYS2 DoorWatcher (2023 Model) Door Egress Wristband Detection Monitor Strip with Patient Wrist Band System

Sounds a visual and audible alert when a patient wristband is detected close to the monitor strip
Designed to safeguard people with dementia, brain injury or special needs who wander
Requires minimal installation, a typical system is fitted in minutes
Choice of alarm notification devices, pager, existing nurse call integration

Included: (For single patient) 1 x DMS-21 Wristband detection strip, 1 x TXP-21 patient wrist band, 1 x PAG-21 pager, 1 x caregiver magnetic reset key, 1 x UK plug power adaptor, 1 x cabled door magnet switch.

The DMS-21 wristband door egress wristband alarm sensor strip is used in conjunction with included TXP-21 patient wristband. Depending on the selected detection range, when a resident is too close to the monitor strip the alarms are triggered, including operation of an optional electronic door strike to lock the door(s). The included PAG-21 pager can identify up to 99 different caller ID wristbands (if added to the system). Additionally, the included caregiver magnetic reset key can securely reset the alarm. An alarm bypass function allows care staff to move freely accompanying a patient though a monitored space. A configurable relay output provides connection to third party devices such as nurse call connection, or Telecare devices. Additionally, the Included magnetic door switch can be wired into the door strip to provide a time selectable door not closed alarm to alert a caregiver.

Key Features

  • Wristband activated door egress alarm
  • Prevents residents/patients wandering from a ward, building exit doors etc.
  • Caregiver alarm pager with vibration and volume adjustable tones
  • Quick and easy install and setup
  • Lightweight wrist band with secure strap
  • Suitable for single and multiple patient wrist bands (up to 99 with the PAG-21 pager)
  • Adjustable detection range: 1M, 2M, 3M
  • Internal alarm transmitter to signal caregiver pager, alarm receiver devices
  • Radio signalling to Nexus wireless nurse call system for patient ID (details on request)
  • Electronic door strike control (lock not included)
  • Reset by caregiver magnetic key (included)
  • Adjustable alarm volume (internal strip sounder)
  • Compatible with ILB-21 wall mounting audible/visual alarm responder
  • Time configurable door not closed alarm (door contact switch)

Technical Features DMS-21 Monitor Strip
Radio frequency Tx: 20kHz and 433.92MHz
Radio frequency Rx: 433.92MHz and 867.7MHz
Operating range: up to 100m transmission (line of sight)
Programmable to 200 wristbands (Nexus nurse call only)
Programmable to 99 wristband ID with MP-PAG21 pager
Power supply: 12V, 3A
Dimensions: 58 x 3 x 2cm
Housing material: ABS
Net weight: 250g
Operating temp: 5C to 40C
Rel. humidity: < 90%
Technical Features TXP-21 Patient Wrist Band
Dimensions: 40mm x 30mm x 12mm (main housing)
Weight including battery: 24.5g
Signal range: 10M max (determined by DoorWatcher setting)
Antimicrobial synthetic wrist band
Strap length: 24cm (total)
400ms periodic shortrange tracking transmissions
Technical Features PAG-21 Caregiver Alarm Pager
Powered by 2 x AA batteries
Dimensions W 55mm H 75mm D 25mm
Frequency 433MHz
Receiving range up to 200M (with specified transmitters)
Dimensions: H 80 W 55 D 25mm
Weight (including batteries) 118g
DoorWatcher alarm reset/cancel button
Mode selector switch: Off/Vibration/Vibration with tone
Radio signal integrity monitoring (with specified devices)
LCD display for up to 99 individual caller IDs

DWSYS2 DoorWatcher (2023 Model) Door Egress Wristband Detection Monitor Strip with Patient Wrist Band System

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