• MPCBP-1 Cordless Bed Leaving Detection Sensor Pad with Alarm Pager

MPCBP-1 Cordless Bed Leaving Detection Sensor Pad with Alarm Pager

Simple to use bed leaving detection alarm with minimal installation
Cordless sensor detects a person rising from or leaving their bed
Wireless alarm transmission to included carer radio pager
For single bed monitoring expandable to 3 beds

The MPCBP-1 is a reliable solution for detecting a person at risk from falls leaving their bed. The sensor has a zip seal pocket where the transmitter is concealed. The included pager has tone and vibration notification alert, accompanied by an active alarm channel LED. The pager can monitor up to 3 separate sensors, indicated by Sen1, Sen2, Sen3. The kit is suitable for domestic, residential, and hospital falls management.

Included in this Kit

1 x MPUFBP20T Sensor with transmitter
1 x MP-PAG31 Carer alarm pager
Note: This order code is for sensor pad with alarm transmitter and carer radio pager. All batteries included.

Key Features

  • Rapid detection and notification to bed leaving
  • Silent alarm at bed with transmission to carer pager
  • Simple to install, use, and maintain
  • Durable hard wearing bed pressure sensor pad
  • Antiallergenic PVC sensor materials
  • Water resistant easy clean surfaces
  • No cords or cables, inconspicuous during use
  • Sensor can be folded to reduce storage space when not in use
  • Suitable for under or on top of the bed mattress
  • Cord attachment anchor points to secure sensor to the bed
  • Expandable up to 3 beds/chairs (see compatible sensors)

Technical Features
Sensor dimension: 30 x 20 (76.2 x 50.8cm)
Total thickness: 0.8mm
Material: PVC
Operating temperature: 10C - 40C
Sensor pocket connector: Mini-USB female
Sensor contacts material: Silver/Carbon paste
USB mini female for transmitter connection
Module dimensions: 67 x 55 x 10mm
On/Off Switch for power
Bed/Chair sensor type switch
Operating Radio Frequency: 433MHz
Wireless operating range: 50-75M
Connection via mini-USB female socket (in pocket)
Low battery warning transmission
Technical Features TUMPAG31 Carer Pager
Power source: 2 x AA batteries
Receiver range: 100 metres
Radio frequency: 433MHz
Dimensions: L: 80mm x H: 52mm x W: 25mm
Weight: 63g (without batteries)
Learns in (pairs) with 3 transmitters
3 Channel pager receiver with LEDs for Sen 1, Sen 2, Sen 3
Volume/vibration select button
Alarm cancel/reset button
Strong belt clip and lanyard attachment clip
Simple transmitter pairing
Status indicator LED: Low battery, active alarm
Alert options: Vibrate only, vibrate and low tone or vibrate and high tone volume
Pager low battery warning and sensor low battery (with compatible transmitters)
Side power On/Off switch

MPCBP-1 Cordless Bed Leaving Detection Sensor Pad with Alarm Pager

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