• Bed Occupancy Detection Alarm with Wireless Alarm Station NMDRX-CTMB

NMDRX-CTMB Bed leaving detection alarm with wireless audible/flashing alarm

Provides carer alert via portable alarm receiver when a person leaves their bed
Reduces the potential of falls and/or wandering in the home
Wireless alert transmission to carer alarm receiver
Record reminder message for playback on bed exit alarm

To help reduce falls in the home or early prevention of potential wandering, this bed alarm kit includes a wireless carer alarm receiver and a sensor transmitter, which allows reminder message recording, selectable for playback on bed exit. For example, Please stay in your bed. The kit is suitable for home care and professional use providing bed monitors for up to 5 residents. The alarm receiver has 5 channels, identifiable on alarm by different coloured flashing LED's.

Kit includes: 1 x alarm transmitter, 1 x alarm receiver, 1 x bed sensor, all required batteries, user manual.

Technical Features CTM-3 (sensor monitor transmitter)
Integral transmitter with operating range of 100M
Alarm activation: Instant (3 second) or 15 minute delayed alarm
Recordable alarm playback message of up to 15 seconds
Detection mode selectable for bed sensor or floor pressure mat
Selectable alarm playback volume: silent 90dB
Dimensions: H: 11cm W: 7cm D: 2cm
Weight: 131g (including batteries)
Supplied with bed/wall mounting bracket
Powered by: 3 x AAA batteries or optional AC adaptor
Low battery warning LED's
Visual alarm active indication
Test/reset alarm button
Frequency 433MHz @10mW
Technical Features CT-3 Under mattress pressure sensor
Dimensions: L: 750mm x W: 450mm x D: 8mm
Connection cord: 3M
Disinfectant (normal dilution strength) resistant
NMDRX Portable alarm receiver
Selectable LED colours to identify transmitter device
Multiple active alarm indication - selected transmitter colours flash alternately until alarms are cancelled
Powered by 3 x AAA batteries
Dimensions: H: 80mm W: 68mm D: 38mm
Optional mains AC power adaptor
Compatible with all Easylink/Medpage transmitters
Quick and easy to set up and use
3-level alarm tone volume switch (up to 96dB)
Latched or timed alarm duration (continuous or 30 seconds)
Power/signal/battery status LED
Output for vibrating pad to aid deaf people
Frequency 433 MHz
Long range capability
Vibrating pad output 3v @ 300ma via 3.5mm jack socket
Top focusing lens high intensity ceiling projecting LEDs
On/off top light selection switch

Bed Occupancy Detection Alarm with Wireless Alarm Station NMDRX-CTMB

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