• MPRCG1 (2023) Bed Leaving Detection Alarm with Caregiver Radio Pager

MPRCG1 (2023) Bed Leaving Detection Alarm with Caregiver Radio Pager

All-inclusive bed leaving detection alarm for domestic, commercial, and NHS fall prevention
Patient bed exit notifications relayed to caregiver via tone/vibration alert radio pager
Can be used singularly or expanded for multiple patients by adding additional sensors
Minimal installation ready to use straight out of the box

Included: 1 x BTX21-MP alarm sensor transmitter, 1 x MP-PAG31 radio pager, 1 x MPUBP10L bed pressure mat sensor, all required batteries.

The MPRCG1 is an all-inclusive bed leaving detection care provider alarm system. Set up and use is simplistic, requiring only placement of the bed pressure sensor mat under the bed mattress. The BTX21 sensor alarm control transmitter is armed when a person lays on the bed. When they rise and stand up the alarm signal is transmitted to the alarm pager. The BTX21 has an alarm mode selection switch to choose from instant, or delayed alarm times of 15, and 30 minutes. The RCG systems are amongst the most popular fall prevention products and have been for over 20 years.

Key Features

  • Complete bed leaving detection alarm system
  • Proven to reduce falls in domestic, commercial, and NHS care
  • Durable antimicrobial disinfectant resistant sensor material
  • Wireless alarm signal to care provider pager
  • Pager notification alert by vibration and or audible tone
  • Quick and easy to instal and use
  • Can be used singularly or as part of a multi-patient solution with additional sensors
  • All battery powered solution for convenience and portability

Technical Features: MPUFBP20L Sensor with Cable
Dimension: 30 x 20 (76.2 x 50.8cm)
Total thickness: 0.8mm
Material: PVC
Operating temperature: 10C - 40C
Sensor pocket connector: Mini-USB female
Sensor contacts material: Silver/Carbon paste
Connection cable length: 1.95cm
Cable connectors: USB mini (male) to RJ12
Technical Features BTX21-MP Sensor Transmitter
Sensor triggered transmitter
Transmission frequency: 433MHz
Transmission range: 75-150M
Powered by 3 x AA 1.5V batteries
DC power adaptor input: 6V @1 amp (optional)
Output 6.33mm socket for nurse call connection
Input 6.3mm socket for cabled nurse call switch
Dimensions: 115mm x 75mm x 30mm
Locking (screw) battery compartment
Concealed external on/off switch
Connector cable strain relief clamp
Selectable alarm delay 2 seconds, 15 minutes
Wall fixing bracket included
Technical Features (MP-PAG31 Pager)
Power source: 2 x AA batteries
Receiver range: 100 metres
Radio frequency: 433MHz
Dimensions: L: 80mm x H: 52mm x W: 25mm
Weight: 63g (without batteries)
Learns in (pairs) with 3 transmitters
3 Channel pager receiver with LEDs for Sen 1, Sen 2, Sen 3
Volume/vibration select button
Alarm cancel/reset button
Strong belt clip and lanyard attachment clip
Simple transmitter pairing
Status indicator LED: Low battery, active alarm
Alert options: Vibrate only, vibrate and low tone or vibrate and high tone volume
Pager low battery warning and sensor low battery (with compatible transmitters)
Side power On/Off switch

MPRCG1 (2023) Bed Leaving Detection Alarm with Caregiver Radio Pager

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