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There are numerous reasons why someone may need a help call button. They may be disabled, at risk at home or at work, suffering from illness or elderly. Whatever the requirement Easylink UK have the solutions. Easylink UK have supplied wireless call buttons for almost 30 years. Lanyard pendants are popular with the elderly and for Care Home use. Our transmitter buttons are wireless and different models have varying transmission ranges

Why choose EasylinkUK?

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What if we buy a product and it is not suitable?

No problem. We offer a 28-day trial period to allow you to try out the monitor. You may return the equipment back to us for a refund equal to the purchase price (excluding return postage costs). We do not recycle previously used equipment.

Popular Products

Standard Range Call Pager

Waterproof call pendant with vibration and tone alert pager
Typical range 100M (outdoor)
Simple easy to press button
Vibrating pager powered by 2 x AA batteries
Compact and lightweight design
Supplied with wrist strap and lanyard
For on-site carer

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Long Range Call Button Digital Message Pager

Waterproof call pendant
Typical range 400M
Programmable messages
Easy press call button
Multiple call buttons
Multiple pagers
For on-site carer

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Geemarc Serenities emergency telephone dialler

Fully featured elderly friendly telephone
Waterproof call button (lanyard or wrist)
Memory dial buttons
Easy press call button
Big high contrast dial buttons
Pendant 50-75M working range
Flashing light incoming call alert
Perfect care companion for all ages

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Wi-Fi internet connected call pendant

Connects via Smartphone APP to home broadband
Maximum range from router 50M
Smartphone APP receives call alerts
Time and Date of call recorded
Phone alarm sound options: Chime, silent, Claxon
Can be used with other Easylink Wi-Fi sensors
No calling charges or monitoring fees
Not waterproof

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