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Easylink UK began trading in 1984 by brothers Mike and Jeff Dines. Mike invented the first compact portable vibrating alarm clock for deaf people, called the Shake Awake. Many deaf people still own and use a Shake Awake vibration alarm clock, after 34 years.

Today, Easylink UK manufacture vibrating alert products using vibration or modern flashing LED’s to attract a person’s attention to a wireless alarm, such as a wireless doorbell button, or baby crying detector. Of course, we supply vibrating alarm clocks, flashing light doorbells and products to aid people with mild to moderate hearing loss such as; TV listening aid, room loop amplifiers and highly amplified landline and portable phones.

What if we buy a product and it is not suitable?

No problem. We offer a 28-day trial period to allow you to try out the monitor. You may return the equipment back to us for a refund equal to the purchase price (excluding return postage costs). We do not recycle previously used equipment.

Why choose EasylinkUK?

When you buy products from Easylink UK you are buying own brand products, which are manufactured by Easylink or are contract manufactured on our behalf and in our control. We can therefore guarantee quality, performance and resolve technical issues and provide informed support. Click here to view our accreditation and company information

Popular Products

Vibrating Alarm Clocks

Portable battery-operated vibration alarm clocks, mains powered vibrating clock with pillow shaker and flashing light

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Flashing light doorbells

Wireless doorbell with flashing light, doorbell for deaf people with flashing light and vibration pager

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Wireless alerting products

Video baby monitor with vibrating pillow shaker, portable sound detection alarm with pager, vibrating text message pager home alarm system, Care product modifications for deaf people

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Listening aids for TV and conversation

Infrared TV listeners, room loop amplifiers, Radio frequency hearing aids, easy TV remote controls

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Very loud telephones

Corded landline telephone, cordless landline telephone, mobile telephones

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Wireless home smoke alarm system

Wireless smoke alarm for deaf people, deaf smoke alarm for hotel and schools, commercial fire alarm adaptations

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For further advice and system suggestions call our tech team on 01536 264 869