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When people suffer from cognition and failing memory issues, life usually becomes more stressful for the individual, their family and or carers. Medpage have developed and sourced a range of products that relieve some of the everyday frustrations people experience. Forgetting to take medications, keeping appointments, forgetting to eat, drink, even collecting the children from school.

In this section of our website you will see simple but very effective solutions for creating memory prompts, which can provide reassurance and improve self-esteem for a person living independently. It is very worrying when you have ageing parents and live some distance away from them. From personal experience, I know this can be difficult and painful at times.

Why choose EasylinkUK?

When you buy products from Easylink UK you are buying own brand products, which are manufactured by Easylink or are contract manufactured on our behalf and in our control. We can therefore guarantee quality, performance and resolve technical issues and provide informed support. Click here to view our accreditation and company information

What if we buy a product and it is not suitable?

No problem. We offer a 28-day trial period to allow you to try out the monitor. You may return the equipment back to us for a refund equal to the purchase price (excluding return postage costs). We do not recycle previously used equipment.

Popular Products

Memrabel 2i Dementia Clock

MemRabel 2 has helped thousands of people with failing memory live more independently at home, and in care. With a choice of time displays to suit cognitive ability and unlimited daily picture, voice, and video reminder alarms, MemRabel 2 offers peace of mind for relatives and carers and promotes confidence and self esteem for the user

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Voice Prompts

Voice prompts or spoken reminders are a successful method of helping a person with Dementia or cognitive issues cope better with their daily lives. A simple reminder, when a fridge or freezer door is left open for example, can reduce stress and anxiety. The CTM-3 voice alarm can be activated by a number of sensors, including the new CTM-PIR. The PIR will detect a person heading for their front or back door and can play back a reminder message “ Hi Mum, are you sure you need to go out now, remember to lock your door”

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Medpage Micro GPS Tracker

Designed to make life easier and to offer protection

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Movement Activated Voice Player

Telephone with pictures to help make dialling easier

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Tallking Medication Reminder Clocker

Your Minder is a versatile talking clock that announces the time, day of the week, and the date at the press of a button, useful for visually impaired people, and it can record up to six daily alarms for use as timed reminders, medication etc

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