COVID 19 update 05/01/2021

Medpage Limited/Easylink UK will remain open for business throughout the current lockdown supplying the NHS and Local Authorities with essential care support technologies. All services are currently operating as usual. Please observe our policy for the return of goods for servicing or repair.



You will all be aware of the potentially challenging circumstances that are arising because of the coronavirus. It is a situation that we, like all businesses, are continuing to monitor closely.

In view of these unprecedented events, we would like to reassure you that we have the ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and can continue to provide ongoing services.

As a precaution, until the Government advise the public that the COVID-19 virus is under control and that it is safe to resume normal business activities:

we have cancelled all business travel and client facing meetings, to be replaced by Digital meetings where possible

we will follow and implement recommended procedures for supply of goods originating from outside of the UK including UV scanning and sanitising items intended for patient use

we will apply restrictions with immediate effect for the return of items for service or repair where customer contact could impose a risk to our employees or agents

In the event that you have a patient care product with a suspected fault please call our helpline 01536 264869 for further advice before returning items to us. Unauthorised return deliveries may be refused.

We apologise for any inconvenience these actions may cause. We must all be diligent in considering unnecessary risk to our employees and customers.