Medpage Bed & Chair Occupancy Alarm Systems.

This new advanced system provides alerts for bed and chair rise with alarm transmitted to the new Medpage pager with LCD display. Multiple bed monitors can now be used with bed ID and location details. The pager will link to all Medpage transmitter products. Ideal for home use and professional care. Pager can also be used with door alarms, PIR, and floor mats.

Sensors (Bed & Chair)

Sensors are manufactured in high quality polyvinyl and are fitted with a 2M lead for connection to the monitor transmitter. Normal strength disinfectants can be used to sterilise the sensors if required. Sensors are consumable items.

Chair sensor (SEN-2) 15” x 12”

Bed Sensor (SEN-1) 30” x 20”

Medpage PAG-11c Pager

New pager with vibration only or tone beeper alert. Pager has LCD display for device ID, location and general system status. Operates with any Medpage or Easylink transmitter product. Powered by 2 x AA batteries. Dimensions W 55mm H 75mm D 25mm. Strong belt clip. Low battery warning. Alarm volume control. Alarm display, volume control, stored alarm review button. Radio integrity monitoring.

Multi-User alarm identification display allows up to 99 devices to signal pager.


15 minute alarm delay option.

Transmitter case dimensions

H 115mm W 75mm D 20mm.

Case material ABS.

Wall fixing lugs on rear of case.

Transmission frequency 433.92 mHz. Range 200M (open field).

Power requirement 9V PP3 or mains 12V DC power adaptor.

Low battery warning sound + flashing LED.

Built in nurse call button, alarm reset button.


Bed alarm kit ORDER CODE RCG-1M

PRICE £105.00 + VAT (£126.00)

Chair alarm kit ORDER CODE RCG-2M

PRICE £101.00 + VAT (£121.20)

Chair sensor PRICE £24.00 + VAT (£28.80)

Bed sensor PRICE £28.00 + VAT (£33.60)

Transmitter PRICE £46.00 + VAT (£55.20)

Pager PRICE £31.00 + VAT (£37.20)

Easylink Rondish out of bed & chair sensor pad BTX-03M Easylink UK Rondish PAG-11c Easylink UK FALLS PREVENTION - SAFETY AT HOME - SAFETY IN CARE Old man fall out of bed Easylink UK PROVEN TO REDUCE FALLS IN THE HOME AND IN  PROFESSIONAL CARE









When ordering the kits all required items are included. Bed alarm includes: Bed sensor, sensor transmitter, radio alarm pager, all required batteries. Chair alarm includes: Chair sensor, sensor transmitter, radio alarm pager, all required batteries.

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