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E800PE Data Encoder 8 Dry Contact Trigger Inputs.

The E800PE is a compact digital POCSAG encoder suitable for most paging and data sending requirements. With the wide operating voltage range, the encoder offers a flexible means of data interfacing and message sending capabilities. Each of the eight trigger inputs can be used to store eight individual messages or programming commands. When used with the

TXF-2000E Data Transmitter detailed below, long range message paging (up to 1KM) or signal control commands to a data receiver such as the Y1727RY2 featured below with dual relay outputs. Connector lead supplied.


TXF-2000E POCSAG Data Transmitter - Long Range Paging  Telemetry Transmitter.

The TXF-2000E is a high power 100mW FM band data link and paging transmitter ideal for integration into OEM projects. When used with the EP800E data encoder most data relaying and message paging can be achieved. The transmitter and encoder can be used for long range security application, emergency signalling, fire alarm conversion to incorporate radio paging and reliable long range switching applications using the Y1727RY2 data receiver with relay outputs.

POCSAG Data Receiver With 2 x Addressable Output Relays.

USB port programmable

POCSAG CCIR# (NRZ) Standard format

Data Rate: 512/1200/2400bps programmable

Numeric or Alphanumeric message

Normal/Invert dadat selectable by  jumper

Output data level adjustment

Positive or negative activation select

Compact size: 45mm x 33mm x 5mm

Low power consumption

Wide voltage operation 6-20V DC

1 Crystal 1 Saw  filter design

Frequency Band: 430~450,450~470,860~880,915~935MHz

FM or direct FM modulation from 2K to 30K, typ ± 4.5K

Data rate up to 6.4Kbps, typ 512bps/1200bps/2400bps

High Power output up to 100 mW

Wide operate Volt from DC10V~24V, typ DC12V 0.5A(Max)

Wide operating temperature from -20c +70c

Frequency stability 10ppm at 25(5ppm for option)

Operation frequency 430~450,450~470,860~880,915~935MHz

Data Rate Up to 6.4Kbps by 2 level

Modulation ±2K~30K adjustable, type ± 4.5K for narrow band FM/FSK

Channel spacing 12.5K or 25KHz

Working Voltage DC 10-24V, type DC 12V

RF power output Max 100 mW. 10% duty

Power consumption Standby 5mA, TX ON 50mA.(at DC12V)

Working temperature range  -20c +70c

Module Size 77mm X 27mm X 15mm

Weight 18 grams


PRICE £63.00 + VAT

Y1727RY2. High performance VHF/UHF/900MHz telemetry control receiver with 2 x 10 amp output relays suitable for many control applications. Ideal for long range plant machinery control, agricultural alarms, lighting control, door releases, Relay activation time on can be programmed for 1 second up to 24 hours. Can be used with the following stock item transmitters:






Size:  76mm X 72 mm X 33 mm

Power Source: DC 9~24V Normal 12V

Weight 95gs

Operation Temperature -40˚C ~ 85˚C

RF Performance

Frequency bands:  136~174MHz,279~285mHz (synthesize or crystals), 420~490MHz,929~933MHz by crystals Oscillator              

No-tune bandwidth:  10Mhz VHF, 20MHz UHF.

Frequency stability: +/- 10 ppm standard

Channel spacing 12.5kHz or 25kHz

Demodulation  FSK NRZ, POCSAG format 512, 1200 or 2400 Bps

Selectivity 55dB

Inter modulation rejection 60dB

PLL step size 12.5K/25K

Sensitivity -106db/M (512bps),-105db/M (1200bps), -103db/M (2400bps)


Contact Rating 120VAC 10A

Insulation Resistance DC 500V 1000MÙ. 

Contact Material Ag Alloy

Approved UL, CUL, and TUV  R&TTE

Operating Temperature -40°C ~ +85°C

POCSAG Data Transmitter PCB Module With 8 Dry Contact Trigger  Inputs.

Model Number: EM-881 Alarm Paging System

Frequency: 130-175MHz / 410-490MHz.

Frequency Oscillator type: Crystal controller  

Paging format:  POCSAG  

Baud rate: 512bps / 1200bps / 2400bps.  

Message: Numeric and Alphanumeric (Max 40 Character)

RF output power: 0.1W

RF output Jack:: BNC Female for wipe antenna or outdoor antenna

Modulation: FSK ,

Deviation: 4.5Khz  

Stability:  ±10 ppm

Pager Capacity: 8 dry alarm input

Operating Voltage: DC12V >2A

Programming: via USB with P/C

Power Consumption: Standby 12mA, On Air  80mA

Size:  189mm X 102mm X 42mm.  

Weight: 260gm without AC adaptor

The EM881 is an ideal choice for long range paging or remote control applications. A contact block provides quick an easy interfacing with alarm outputs, security, fire, wireless nurse call etc. A programming lead, antenna and 12 V DC power supply are included in the package. Up to eight individual paging messages or control messages can be stored. When a trigger input is momentarily shorted to ground the data is transmitted.


Description Part No: EM-838

Data Format POCSAG

Data Rate 512bps/1200bps/2400bps

RF output 10 mW or 35 mW

Memory Slot 8

Message Type Numeric or Alphanumeric

Repeat Call 1-4 times

Preamble   2-2400 bits

Power source DC 6-20 V

PCB Size 46mm X 46mm X 9mm.


Power consumption Standby 15uA TX 80mA

Weight 10 grams.

The EM838 is a compact hi-performance POCSAG transmitter with on board encoder. Eight dry contact trigger inputs provide numerous message and data sending options. The flexible operating voltage 6 - 20V DC combined with extremely low standby current consumption makes the EM838 an ideal choice for battery operated applications.


PRICE £58.25 + VAT


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