• MP2-V2 Multiple Patient Seizure Movement Monitor
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MP2-V2 Medpage seizure movement detection alarm for care homes

Detection of Tonic/Clonic seizure movement
Can connect to nurse call and/or Telecare equipment
Long range alarm signalling to pager with custom messaging
Suitable for children from age 1 to adults

The MP2-V2 is designed to deliver the performance in signalling required by larger care homes or hospitals where transmission range can cause notification issues. The system includes a carer alert pager for seizure alert notifications within 60M from the monitor. This range can be extended by the inclusion of a CMD-11 desktop wireless nurse call station, or the the wall mounting ILB-11 wireless alarm receiver.

The MP2-V2K uses patented sensor technology to detect typical seizure movement from a sleeping person in bed. Carers are alerted to ongoing seizures via a digital message pager (EM300) with tone/vibration alert. Each monitor has a long range transmitter, which is programmed with your chosen message (default for a single alarm system is SEIZURE ALERT)

System includes 1 x bed movement sensor, 1 x sensor controller transmitter and 1 x PAG-11 pager.

Key Features

  • Tonic/Clonic seizure detection
  • Under-mattress bed movement sensor
  • Reliable seizure movement detection for multiple patient monitoring
  • Care alarm pager with tone and vibration alert with display for user ID
  • Mains A/C adaptor powered with battery backup (36 hours)
  • Wire-Free alarm transmission around any building up to 60-100M
  • Integration with enuresis, bed occupancy, call pendants, fall detection pendants and Telecare sensors
  • BSI registered company ISO 9001:2015
  • Optional additional pagers and desktop alarms can be used for larger systems.

Technical Information MP2-V2K Monitor
Power source: 12V AC/DC medical grade power adaptor
Dimensions: L: 150mm x W: 105mm x D: 45mm
Weight: 410g
Output connection: Nurse call and Telecare equipment
Status indicator LED: Power/power fail/low backup battery
Movement detection confirmation LED
Digital bed sensor sensitivity adjustment
Digital bed movement alarm delay control
Radio address code selectable
MP2-V2K Bed Sensor
Sensor dimensions: 300mm x 200mm x 10mm
Interconnecting lead 3M.
Technical Features PAG-11 Pager
Powered by 2 x AA batteries
Dimensions W 55mm H 75mm D 25mm
Strong belt clip
Low battery warning.
Alarm volume control
Alarm display, volume control, stored alarm review button
Radio integrity monitoring
Multi-User alarm identification display allows up to 99 devices to signal pager

MP2-V2 Multiple Patient Seizure Movement Monitor

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