Geemarc PhotoPhone 300 Big Button Telephone With Picture Dial Buttons

Technical Details

Adjustable receiving volume - up to 30dB

Adjustable receiving tone control - up to 10dB

Hearing aid compatible

Phone book with 50 numbers

6 Personalised photo ID buttons

Extra Loud Hands-free Speaker phone



Receiving min level (dB RLR) -5

Receiveing min level (dB(A)) 93
Receiving maximum level (dB RLR) -18
Receiveing maximum level (dB(A)) 106
Maximum receiver output level (dB(A) 125
Tone adjustment at 250Hz (dB) 6
Tone adjustment at 4KHz (dB) 12
HAC level sensitivity at 1KHz (dB-A/M) -23
HAC linierity +/-1dB •
HAC frequency respons preferred range •
Maximum ringer volume (dB(A) at 1 meter 85
Lowest ringer centre frequence (Hz) 90
Highest ringer centre frequence (Hz) 2000

Doro MemoryPlus 319ph is especially helpful for people with dementia or limited dexterity or cognitive impairments. The ergonomically designed keypad, photo buttons, handset and sure slide cradle make it easy to stay in touch with the people you rely on. Simply store a telephone number against a familiar face in the photo storage compartments. Direct dial operates by pressing the photo button. A protective cover folds over to product the keypad buttons.


Redial memory 1

One-touch photo memories 4
Handset volume settings Slide


Monophonic ring tones 9

Ringer volume settings except off 3
Ringer lamp •
Ringer off setting •


High contrast, concave keys with low reflective finish •

Robust base unit for greater stability •

Comfortable handset •

Easy to clean surfaces •

Low profile front to reduce strain

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Memory Plus Telephone MP319ph




VIEW ALL TELEPHONES Large button telephones - Extra amplification telephones - Ideal For People With Dementia ALSO SEE TRACKER MOBILE PHONE TO LOCATE WANDERING PEOPLE

Geemarc PhotoDect Big Button Amplified Cordless Telephone


Geemarc PHOTDECT Big Button Cordless Telephone with picture memories

Did you ever wish for a cordless telephone with extra big buttons? The Geemarc standard range PHOTODECT is the answer!


The base of this cordless telephone has 10 large direct dials that can be customised with writing or pictures. Calling out cannot be easier: all that is needed is to pick up the handset and press one of the pictures to be connected, making this an ideal phone for all those with limited dexterity, visual or cognitive impairments.

With amplification of up to 22dB, the PHOTODECT is also very easy to hear and is therefore ideal for all those with mild to medium hearing loss. Features include big, backlit buttons and a large, bright, backlit display on the handset caller ID on both handset and base a loud handsfree speaker phone a very loud adjustable ringer a variety of ringing melodies and ringtones and a phone book with up to 50 names and numbers.

The extra bonus? Several PHOTODECTs can be linked to the same base unit to allow you up to 5 different telephones in your home – with one single telephone socket. The PHOTODECT is the ideal solution for all those who want an advanced device with many features that is simple, stylish, and very easy to use.

 Adjustable volume control (up to 22dB)

 Loud ringer (5 levels)

 Hands free speakerphone

 10 large direct picture memories

 Phonebook with up to 50 names and numbers

 Caller ID

 GAP compatible

 Can be paired up with up to 4 different handsets

 Pulse or Tone dialling

Geemarc PhotoDect




The Geemarc Clearsound PhotoPhone300 is a highly amplified telephone with tonal adjustment and gain level for people with mild to moderate hearing loss and is compatible with T-Coil equipped hearing aids.

6 x Photo dial buttons can be assigned favourite or emergency telephone numbers that require one press to dial the number. A powerful hands-free intercom can be used for lengthily conversations.

Other features include a display screen and caller ID, a phonebook with up to 50 names and numbers and a flashing ringer indicator to keep you from missing calls. When one of the numbers stored in the picture direct dials calls, the entire button will light up to let you know who the caller is.

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PowerTel 68 plus Big Button Telephone with answering machine and 3 programmable emergency/direct call memory locations (photo buttons)

Ideal phone to aid the elderly featuring 3 x photo dial buttons, backlit keypad, incoming call flashing light alert, and easy to use answering machine.


FUNCTIONS: ■ Premium Hearing Aid compatible ■ Amplified Volume – up to 20 times as loud as normal with boost button (max. 40 dB) ■ Extra loud ringer – up to 5 times louder than normal telephone (max. 90 dB) ■ 10 Indirect Memories ■ Backlight Keypad ■ Big Button Keypad ■ Easy to use with Big Buttons and large backlight keypad  ■ Tone control adjustment in handset ■ Adjustable receiver volume ■ Output socket for Vibrate Alarm (not supplied) ■ Handsfree Speaker phone  ■ In the event of mains power failure, calls can still be made ■ Wall mount option ■ Last number redial ■ Tone Dialling ■ PABX compatible ■ Answering machine with 24 minutes recording capacity ■ 2-character display ■ Various output languages available for selection (D, GB, F) ■ Memo function – possible to record several memos ■ Announcement of day and time of each message ■ Outgoing message – can be changed ■ Remote access with security code and toll-saver function ■ Baby monitoring  

CONTENTS: ■ 1x Telephone ■ 1x Telephone cable ■ 1x Power supply unit ■ 1x User Guide ■ 1x wall mounting bracket

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Amplicomms PT68




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