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The Medpage MP2V2 system is designed to offer multiple patient seizure monitoring uses advanced technologies to positively identify epileptic seizure activity from a persons bed while they sleep. The MP2V2 uses a sensor positioned under a patients bed mattress to analyse body movements while the person sleeps. Movements not associated with normal sleeping movements such as regular twitching, shaking, convulsing, will result in an alarm signal transmission to both the portable pager and desktop alarm. The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted to suit different patient body weights and the type of bed/mattress in use. The MP2V2 also features a permissible movement delay control. This control allows setting of a delay period where movements are ignored while the person adjusts themselves during sleep for example. An internal microphone monitors sounds from the patient and will detect verbal sounds associated with seizure activity. All settings are digitally stored to prevent tampering.

MP2V2 Monitor Specification

The MP2V2 epilepsy care system can be expanded to include patient call pendants or nurse call cords, PIR movements sensors, door alarms, enuresis sensors, bed occupancy sensors, and specialist disablement adaptations.

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ADAPTATIONS FOR SPECIAL CARE REQUIREMENTS Medpage MP5 ULTRA Advanced Epileptic Seizure Alarm Also see Apnoea monitor - Nanny BM-02 AMPLICOMMS WATCH N CARE V130 Medpage MP5V2 Epileptic seizure movement monitor

Available for wired connection to existing nurse call systems or with wireless alarms.

Medpage MP5 epileptic seizure monitor alarm CMD-11 Desk/Wall Call Station

PAG-11 Alarm Display Pager


PRICE £257.00 + VAT

Price is exclusive of alarm devices


PRICE £105.00 + VAT

Price is exclusive of sensor devices


PRICE £31.00 + VAT

Price is exclusive of sensor devices

Optional Bed Occupancy Sensor

Discrete wire-free bed & chair sensors for occupancy detection


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