ALARM CALLER  Emergency Telephone Auto Dialler.

Dials up to 5 emergency contact numbers

Big red easy-press panic button transmitter starts dialler from up to 30 Metres away. Ideal for the elderly or disabled in case of emergency.

Built in PIR detector for use as intruder alarm.

Mains powered with battery backup. Dialler will work even during a power cut.

Entry and exit delay when in intruder alert mode.

PIR detection range 10 Metres

Pet friendly PIR

For use as a panic/help alarm for the elderly the only set up required is storing of emergency contact numbers. Press pendent button to commence dialling immediately.

Fob transmitter powered by 1 x A23 12V battery (supplied) H 65mm W 40mm D 12mm.

Alarm controller powered by DC charger with 9V battery backup (supplied)

H (including PIR) 150mm W 75mm D 45mm. Wall fixing kit included.

Built In chime option produces single chime when a person walks into the PIR detection zone. Switches on or off.

Built in siren can be set to operate when entry delay is triggered by an intruder. This function is turned on/off in alarm set up mode.

R&TTE certified.

12 Month product guarantee

ORDER CODE  ESD-01 PRICE £24.96 + VAT (£29.95) P/P £4.40

Plugs in your telephone wall socket. Double phone plug adaptor supplied.

Ideal elderly care alarm. Simple low cost security  solution.

Wall fixing screw slots External siren control External sensor  Connection terminals Backup battery Compartment 9V External siren Power supply

Additional Features For Security Dial Applications

Connect external siren. Provides power and trigger output to control most commercial alarm sounders. Max 500mA

Connect to standard proximity (magnetic switch) door or window contacts.

Connect to security alarm panel. Inputs provide normally closed loop open for alarm dialling.

Option to change entry delay from 0.5 seconds - 20 seconds.

Change dial cycle. Set to call each emergency number (up to 5) from 1 - 5 times.

Use or cancel built in 110dB siren. Choose silent dial or dial with built in siren.

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