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Returning Goods      RPP1-V1      

 When returning goods to Easylink UK, you have two options

1 Print our RPP2-V1 form, Fill it in and return it with your goods.


2 Please Phone us with your information 01536264869

A. Who you are

B. What you are sending back to us.

C. Why it is being returned: Repair, Service, Faulty or Wrong item Received.

D. Give us a Delivery Note number or an Invoice number (If Possible)

3 Returning your goods

A. Please return any goods in original packaging if possible.

B. Pack your goods in a safe manner to protect them.

C. Please include inside the package a note to say what you think is wrong with the item. This helps our engineers to test the product and find a fault quickly. Or to push it through for Service or Refund.

D. Please include within your package a Name, Address and contact number of someone who we can contact to authorise repairs.

E. We recommend sending goods to us with a recorded delivery system through Post or Courier.

4 What Happens Next:

A. Your goods are logged in to our site

B. Goods are checked by the engineer and then they are Serviced, Repaired or Replaced,

 (If under warranty)

C. A return number will be issued and you may receive a phone call to discuss the nature of         the repair and any costs involved.

D. Please note returns can take up to 10 days.

E. Please also note goods without information inside them are held for 60 days then they are destroyed.  GET RETURNS FORM HERE (Word) GET RETURNS FOR HERE (PDF)

Please send all Goods to:

Returns Department

Medpage Ltd

3 Melbourne House

Priors Haw Road

Corby Gate Business Park


Northants NN17 5JG

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