Geemarc ClearSound BDP400 Talking Telephone

Discover the Geemarc Clearsound BDP400, a unique solution for all those with both a visual and a hearing impairment! This telephone has been developed in partnership with the Royal National Institute for the Blind and incorporates all the features needed to use it with a visual impairment. The extra large display screen is backlit to make the colour contrast optimal: names, numbers or menu options will show up in 2-inch characters to make it easier to see. Braille symbols on the buttons also make tactile recognition of the keys very easy. Last but not least, all the functions of the BDP400 are vocalised: press any key and the telephone will tell you what button you have pressed.

The menu is fully vocalised as well: the BDP400 will prompt you to make adjusting the settings or entering names and numbers into the phonebook even easier. The little extra? Caller identification is also vocalised: the telephone will say the number of the person who is calling out loud. You even have the option to record yourself saying your contact’s name when you enter them into the phonebook: when they call you, the telephone will then say their name in your own voice.

Another key feature to the Geemarc BDP400 is its volume setting. It is fully hearing aid compatible, with an induction loop hidden inside the handset it has adjustable volume control (going up to 40dB), to make the telephone louder, and adjustable tone control, to adjust the pitch of the telephone to your hearing loss.

Features include an amplified ringer, a flashing ringer indicator and an extra loud handsfree speaker phone.

Technical Details

Full vocalisation of names/numbers/commands

Adjustable receiving volume control up to 40dB

Adjustable receiving tone control : up to 6Db

Redial, pause, flash

3 one touch memory buttons

Available 5 different languages

Phone book 99 numbers

Big Button keypad / tactile symbols on keys

Tactile memory buttons

Telephone for visually impaired people





PowerTel 710 Voice

Highly amplified DECT with Voice Assisted

Menu and Caller ID, voice prompt for each

button and command. Loud volume with

minimal distortion. Unique personal profile

with automatic high frequency boost

Clear vocalised announcement in English for all buttons, numbers,

call list and menu commands (switchable on/off)

Vocalised guidance through menu options and settings

Talking Caller ID including named voice announcement of up to 13

contacts, for incoming calls identification

2-lines, extra large dot-matrix LCD display, 24x72 dots (one line of

numbers and letters and one line of characters) with bright backlit


Incredible brilliant sound with less than 1.5% distortion at full


Amplified volume adjustment on handset >40 dB

Hearing aid compatible preferred (highest level)

Extra loud adjustable ringer volume >90 dB

Hands free Speakerphone

Equaliser tone control

Automatic high frequency boost

Caller ID Presentation (CLIP) with storage of the last

30 incoming numbers

Phone book with up to 200 entries of names and numbers

9 ring tones on mobile handset (incl. 5 polyphonic ring tones)

6 display languages (D, GB, F, E, I, NL)

Alert function/Alarm

Up to 100 hours stand-by operation

Up to 10 hours of permanent talk time

3 Direct-Dial memory buttons on handset (1/2/3)

DECT-GAP Standard for connection of up to 4 handsets per base station


Beeping Pager function (Search for handset)

9 ring tones on base station

5 volume settings plus switch-off function for ring tones on base



Volume amplification button with memory (Boost) on handset for

better reception

Several users can program their personal volume and tone

preference which can be recalled at a touch of a button

Extra bright LED for visual alert of incoming calls

Hands free talking volume can be set extremely high

Headset outlet on handset

Audio inductive amplifier (teleloop) on handset

Vibration (shaker) outlet on base

Powertel 710 Voice




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