Geemarc Clearsound AMPLICALL40 Ringer Detector

Product Features and Technical Details

Product Features

The Geemarc AMPLICALL40 is a portable ringer detector unit which will detect the sound of your doorbell or intercom phone system. Alarm signal transmitted to pager. A piezo buzzer is included for use with a door entry system.

The AMPLICALL40 will transmit a signal to the AMPLICALL50 which will then alert you by flash, alarm sound (up to 80dB), or vibration. The AMPLICALL 40 has a number of other useful features, such as delay time setting and sensitivity. The sensor can be unplugged to enable use of the internal microphone sensor to detect other room sounds.

An emergency call push button is easily paired with the AMPLICALL 50. In addition the AMPLICALL 40 can also be paired with the AMPLICALL20 and the Clearsound CL2L. The AMPLICALL40 transmitter works in conjunction with the AMPLICALL50 receiver, either component can be purchased as a double pack or as an individual item, which is a handy option if you require additional transmitters.

Technical Details

Wireless Transmitter for the Amplicall range

Easy pairing system for the Amplicall 15,20,50

Emergency call push button

Detection time adjustment

Sensitivity adjustment

Jack socket for connection to the external alarm system

Wall mountable

Operates on batteries - 3 x AAA.

Amplicall 40 sensor trigger with Amplicall 50 Vibration alert pager

ORDER CODE AC40/50 PRICE £33.32 + VAT (£39.99) UK P/P £4.40

Amplicall 40 Sensor trigger with Amplicall 20 portable flash unit (with telephone connection)

ORDER CODE AC40/20 PRICE £49.99 + VAT (£59.99)

Amplicall 50 Pager Amplicall 40 Sensor Transmitter Amplicall 20 Alerter

Sensor Transmitter With Pager




Sensor Transmitter With Portable Flasher/Sounder





Door entry buzzer detector for deaf people

Door intercom detector with vibrating pager for deaf people

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