Optical Bed Leaving & Wander Detection Alarm System RCG-3 Motion sensor transmitter with alarm pager Optical bed occupancy alarm RCG-3 MULTI-FUNCTION MOVEMENT SENSOR TRANSMITTER WITH ALARM PAGER

Optical Bed Leaving Alarm Kit




£49.99 + VAT (59.99) UK DELIVERY £4.40

The RCG-3 uses an optical movement sensor with integral transmitter to provide a quick to install reliable people movement detection system. The RCG-3 will detect a person leaving their bed or moving into an area where they could be at risk, leaving their home for example. Alarm signal is transmitted to the PAG-11 alarm pager, with an operating range of up to 150M. The pager has tone/vibration or just tone or vibration alarm options and is equipped with an LCD display for device identification, where multiple devices are used.


New pager with vibration only or tone beeper alert. Pager has LCD display for device ID, location and general system status. Operates with any Medpage or Easylink transmitter product. Powered by 2 x AA batteries. Dimensions W 55mm H 75mm D 25mm. Strong belt clip. Low battery warning. Alarm volume control. Alarm display, volume control, stored alarm review button. Radio integrity monitoring.

Multi-User alarm identification display allows up to 99 devices to signal pager.

Optical movement sensor only




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