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Medpage Limited is BSI accredited to the highest level and maintain registration through annual BSI audits to ISO EN 13485:2003 and ISO EN 9001:2008. Our seizure movement monitors are designed and manufactured in accordance with the medical directive EEC 93/42/EEC as amended by 2007/47EC and carry BSI CE mark based on Annex V for manufacture and quality assurance.

Medpage nocturnal epileptic seizure detecting monitors are designed to detect seizure typical movement from a sleeping person. This is achieved using a sensor positioned under the patients mattress. Depending on the type of bed, mattress, and the size and weight of the person, Medpage monitors will successfully detect most convulsive seizures. Each monitor model has a means of adjusting the sensitivity of the sensor to compensate for the variables detailed above. All models also have an adjustable delay control to allow a period of non-seizure movement with no alarm. Turning over or adjusting sleeping position as examples.

During a convulsive seizure, body movements are detected by the sensor from under the mattress. A microprocessor analyses the movements to determine if they are seizure typical and if an alarm should be raised. Response times can be very quick from 5 seconds to 20 seconds depending on the alarm delay setting.

When considering making a purchase of a seizure monitor it is very important to consider safety for the patient. It is virtually impossible to guarantee that a monitor will detect all seizures from all patients, especially younger lighter patients. Generally for teenagers and adults all models will detect convulsive seizures. However, a simple test of a monitor with a patient on their bed will quickly establish if a monitor is suitable and safe for monitoring. We offer a 28 day money back guarantee on all models to allow a reasonable test period.

The table below provides a basic guide for minimum age and body weights. There is no maximum weight limit. Click the model reference in the table below to view product details.

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