Why choose Medpage epileptic seizure detection alarms?

Why choose Medpage?

Medpage Limited T/A Easylink UK have provided solutions to aid epilepsy care for over twenty years, and specialize in the design and manufacture of monitors that detect seizure movements from a person in bed. To ensure the highest product quality and safety, our company is accredited to ISO 13485. A quick search on Google for ‘ISO 13485’ will provide plenty of information on how important this level of accreditation is.

At Medpage Limited, we take great care in the design, manufacture and after sales support for our seizure monitors. When you purchase a seizure monitor from Medpage, our highly trained team are readily available for help, advice, and technical support, if needed, to insure your monitor works the way you want it to. Our technical support line is not a 0845 number and support is provided at no extra cost. All Medpage monitors are supplied with a 36 Month warranty. Medpage Limited extend the same level of quality service to private and professional customers.

Which model do I need?

Medpage MP5 Epilepsy alarm

The MP5 has helped families and care professionals around the world manage epilepsy for 20 years. The MP5 is designed to detect Tonic/Clonic seizures.  It has the smallest sensor type so is easy to move to different locations. The MP5 will detect seizures which produce a moderate amount of movement from most bed types, in addition to monitoring vocalizations or sounds during a seizure. The MP5 can be used with children and adults alike. Weight detection range 9lb (4.08Kg) and above. Suitable for Cot/Crib, single and double beds.

Medpage MP5v2 Epilepsy alarm

The MP5v2 has a larger sensor (490mm x 290mm x 12mm) and works much like the MP5. However, this model is best suited for children or users who make little movements or only tremors during a seizure. The MP5V2 can be used with memory foam mattresses and is suitable for Cot/Crib, single or double beds, and profiling beds. Weight detection range 9lb (4.08Kg) and upwards.

Medpage MP5 ULTRA Epilepsy alarm

The MP5 ULTRA was designed based on extensive research and significant input from individuals and healthcare professionals. The MP5 ULTRA utilises complex computer software technology to provide comprehensive monitoring of the users sleeping movements. The MP5 ULTRA can be configured to work with airflow mattresses, memory foam mattresses and special bed types. The on board computer provides advanced seizure detection and recognition of complex seizure types. The ULTRA is a specialist product and we advise calling our team for further information and support.

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