“It’s time to take your tablets”

Most people occasionally forget to keep an appointment or complete a daily task. Frustrating and annoying. For a person with memory issues, the frustration generally escalates into a feeling of inadequacy, even anger causing stress to themselves and family. The MemRabel can help by playing recorded messages at selected alarm times to remind the person of things to do. When a message is played in a familiar voice the person is more at ease. Reminders for medication, appointments with Doctors or day centres and even reminders to eat can easily be set by a family member or care worker.

MemRabel Features

CLOCK - Large digit time display and associated display icon, Sun for daytime hours and Moon for night time hours. Display of Day of week with date. High contrast background with amber back light.

INSTANT MESSAGE RECORDER/PLAYER - Simple press to record button. Record a message of up to 12 Seconds. Play it back by pressing play. Useful to record one-off instruction or messages taken from a phone call.

TIMED MESSAGE PLAYBACK - Up to 4 x 12 Second messages can be recorded. Each message has its own alarm time setting that can be selected for daily or weekly playback. Message repeat time can be selected from 3, 6, or 9 minutes. Additionally, a display icon can be selected and assigned to the timed memo. While the memo is played back, the icon appears in the display to help with recognition.

ALARM CLOCK - When a reliable alarm clock is required, the MemRabel provides the perfect solution with either recorded voice playback or digital alarm clock sound. Furthermore, the alarm duration can be selected from 3, 6, or 9 minutes with the option to generate an off-site alarm if the user does not acknowledge the wake up alarm.

SENSOR OPERATED VOICE MESSAGE PLAYBACK - The MemRabel has a socket that allows connection of various sensors including; floor pressure mats, door alarm switches, bed occupancy sensors and more. Examples of uses can be viewed by clicking the link to: Examples of uses.

CONTROL THE TIMES OF DAY THE SENSOR SOCKET IS ACTIVE - The MemRabel has a programmable timer that allows active times to be set for the sensor input. ON time and OFF time settings can be used to control when sensors can trigger an alarm from the MemRabel. If a bed sensor is used for example, the sensor only needs to be active when the person is in bed. Likewise if a door opening sensor is used, a warning message “Don’t go outside” may only be required from 6PM - 8AM.

MemRabel Is Always There To Remind You

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