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This multi-function bed/chair exit alarm monitor from Rondish offers state-of-the-art fall prevention technology for home and professional care use. The dual alarm trigger function (sensor pad or clothing clip) makes it really quick and easy to set up for bed/chair rise detection.

Clothing Clip - secure the sensor alarm controller to the bed head, armchair or wheelchair. Fasten the clip to the persons clothing, attach the magnet to the alarm sensor, adjust the length of the cord and its ready to go. When the person moves and pulls the magnet away from the controller, the selected alarm option activates.

Sensor Pad (bed or chair) - Position the bed pad under the bed mattress, or chair pad under chair cushion. Insert the pad connector plug into the alarm controller. When a person lays down, or sits on chair the controller detects their body weight and goes to alarm ready state. When the person rises from their bed or chair the selected alarm option activates.


Personal message recording up to 15 seconds to play during alarm “Please stay in bed”

Tone alarm with volume control (Switch selectable)

Microphone jack input to upload MP3 to play during alarm

Reset button on monitor face

Pull string magnet alarm (attach to clothing)

Port to connect with nurse call system (NC/NO) 1/4” jack socket (6.3mm)

Operates on batteries or via AC adaptor

Low battery and nurse call plug removal alert

Pad lost alert

Technical Specification

Power Supply: 6V AC adaptor, 300mA or 3 x AA-type alkaline batteries

Battery life: 1 year (Nominal)

Dimensions: (L x W x D): 120 x 77 x 34mm

Housing material: ABS (UL-94HB, flammability grade)

Net Weight: 135g (without soft cover & batteries)

Operating temp. 5°C ~ 40°C

Humidity tolerance < 85%

Included: 1 x BMDV-11 sensor alarm 1 x Protective rubber cover 1 x Clothing clip/alarm magnet 3 x AA batteries 1 x Protective rubber sleeve. Bed alarm kit includes bed sensor pad. Chair alarm kit includes chair pad.

Bed alarm kit Pad + Alarm control




Chair alarm kit Pad + Alarm control




Bed pad 30” x 20” Chair pad 15” x 12” BMDV-11BK BMDV-11CK